Welcome to the Whisky Galore Tour 2020 and the sad news is that many events and festivals are cancelled because of the social distancing and lock-down requirements due to COVID-19.

Spirit Of Speyside Whisky Festival CANCELLED

Islay Feis Ile CANCELLED

Following an amazing visit to the Islay Festival in 2019 we had booked accommodation immediately for 2021. At the time there was no accommodation readily available for 2020 but now that's immaterial.

Instead, I was planning to go to Speyside, not for the festival, but as a fact-finding mission in preparation for 2021. However, that will now need to wait until travel restrictions are lifted and distilleries are open again for visits.

So, fact-finding mission to Speyside POSTPONED


In 2020 there were to be a number of whisky tastings at Rodney Densem Wines in Nantwich. Only one has taken place to date, Benromach, but I'll report on any that are rebooked.

I went to Egypt in February and managed to get back just before flights became disrupted. I had planned to try the Egyptian Devlin single malt. It doesn't seem to be widely available and so I cannot report on that. However, I did find an awful drink called Highlands Whisky Red - something to be avoided!

I have booked a visit to Mauritius later this year - not sure what to expect there! That's been CANCELLED

Wisp of smoke