The plastic bottle gave an accurate insight into the awfulness to come, and it didnā€™t disappoint, this drink turned out to be the worst I have ever tasted. The nose is somewhat floral in a mildly alcoholic way but the palate is sweet and sickly, not dissimilar to undiluted anti-freeze. There is no hint of anything you might expect from a whisky and the flavour is reminiscent of raw sugar cane but this is an injustice to sugar cane. It has no redeeming qualities, except perhaps its colour, and tastes more of a cheap 20% ABV liqueur than any whisky. At an advertised 40% ABV it you probably couldn't use it to light a barbecue.

WhiskyBase scores it at 12.89/100, how it mananged these dizzy heights I can't imagine.

My assessment: UNPLEASANT