Kilchoman distillery

Kilchoman was established in 2005 and, though small, is expanding rapidly. Output in 2017 will approach 200,000 litres and a new malting house is being built next door so that future production can be increased. The design of the spirit still is such that it is supposed to produce quality spirit that does not need to age too long and can be drunk in 3-5 years. Kilchoman produces various editions, several with no age statement. Many editions are sold out at the distillery but may still be available online. The inaugural edition is a three-year old whisky. The distillery has its own semi-automatic bottling plant.

Good shop and cafe.

Tasting was of the 100% Islay and Machir Bay. I bought a Sanaig and a Single Cask Sauterne in the shop. Tour guide Cherry. Tour includes the malting house, smokehouse, mash and distilling areas and bottling plant. Two stills.


70cl Kilchoman Sauterne70cl Kilchoman Sauterne